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FABER CASTELL mine 0.5 HB 521500

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FABER CASTELL mine 0.5 HB 521500
85,00 din.

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Faber Castell® Germany


- za sve tipove tehničkih olovaka; - ekstra čvrste i fleksibilne; - debljina mine 0,50 mm; - 12 mina u tubi; Fine leads Polymer 0.5mm OF9125HBEU (#521500) Refill POLYMER LEADS for mechanical pencils. The leads are for general writing and provide intense black lines. 20 leads come in a tube, fitted with a push cap for easy refilling. The 2B leads have a length of 60 mm and are available in 2 line widths (0.5 and 0.7 mm) Ideal for technical drawing and writing Exclusive "flip top" cap with filler, easy to use and safe Plastic box with 12 leads Cardboard box with 12 plastic boxes Available in 0,5mm and 0,7mm

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