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Faber Castell Gumica Sleeve mini 182448

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Faber Castell Gumica Sleeve mini 182448
275,00 din.

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Faber Castell® Germany


- atraktivan dizajn; - savršeno briše; - idealna za sve grafitne olovke; - dimenzije: 5x2,5cm; - bez pvc-a; Cena za 1 komad. After use, the high-quality Sleeve and Sleeve Mini erasers and sharpeners disappear into a red, blue, or black cover, which not only protects against fouling, but also allows for precise control of the erasing stroke when open or as a useful container for sharpening dust. The Sleeve has already received an award for its ergonomics and user-friendliness: the 2007 ISPA Award in the “Back to School” category. Further proof that even such simple things like erasers and sharpeners can still be improved – true to the Faber-Castell motto: Making ordinary things extraordinarily well. Shaped for better grip control and for smoother erasing Comes with Sleeve protection against dust

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