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FABER CASTELL Bojica Grip 112484 permanent green

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FABER CASTELL Bojica Grip 112484 permanent green
99,00 din.

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Faber Castell® Germany


- ergonomskog trouglastog oblika sa Grip zonom za držanje; - telo bojice se sastoji od kaolina i prirodnih boja; - premaz bojice je takođe od prirodnih boja; - neotrovno; Coloured pencil Colour Grip (#1124_) Ideal for older children, the Colour Grip coloured pencils feature an ergonomic triangular barrel and patented Soft-Grip zone. This ensures fatigue-free and comfortable drawing. The high pigmentation in the lead makes colours very vivid. The water-soluble pigments give fantastic results: simply draw your picture then apply water to a paintbrush to create beautiful watercolour images. Coloured pencil in ergonomic triangular shape with patented Grip zone Lead contains very bright pigments and is completely water-soluble Triangular shape promotes the three point grip Suitable for right- or left-handed children Break-resistant due to SV bonding With space for your name Can be washed out of most fabrics Easy to sharpen with any quality sharpener

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